Digital Passports Offer A Safer Experience In Realtime.

Promote, analyze and monetize your check-ins with trackable digital passports custom-built for your Destination Marketing Organization.

Enhance Your Experience

More than a check-in.

Offer specials, discounts, and incentives to enhance your experience exclusive to your program.

Your Safer passport toolbox

Web Dashboard

The Registration Dashboard reveals demographics, interests, and customized insights about each visitor. Fully integrated to Google Analytics 4.

Engage and Entice

Offer ideas and services to the visitor and create a reward program. Create interaction with a scavenger hunt.

Integrate Your Brand

Many opportunities for a destination marketing organization, community, or other tourism entity to be promoted throughout the entire passport.

Digital Distribution

No apps to download. Instantly accessible.
Promoting your brand without the waiting period or approval required by app stores. Not limited to a single platform. All platforms are updated simultaneously.

Visitor Data

In addition to general demographic information request that a small questionnaire be filled out upon registration.

Content Hub

Your passport is a content hub. A content hub is a curated collection of branded content on a specific topic or subject. This helps your rank on search engines.


Features And Benefits


The passport recognizes geographic location through the browser. Entirely in the background.

Social Media Integration

Share your content through social media channels.

Mailing List

Keep in touch with your visitors through emails collected during registration.


Send surveys to visitors or embed surveys in your passport.

Unlimited or Limited

The passport can be valid indefinitely or for a limited time.

Add Video

Video is supported at nearly every level of the passport.

Cross-Promote Experiences

Promote other services nearby businesses or communities or special events. Within individual passport listings.

Share or Gift Passport

Allow visitors to share the free passport with friends or purchase and gift paid passports.

No Printing or Distribution Cost

No more re-printing the passport due to changes.

Event Check-In and Schedule

Use the passport for event check-in and schedule distribution. Changes in schedule, notifications, or emergency events can be shared with users on site instantly.

Custom Maps with GPX

Generate your own maps or trails no matter how remote you are.

Instantly Updated

All content is cloud-based so any changes made instantly appear across all platforms.


Economic Development

A major benefit of trail tourism is that it is money spent in rural towns and in more economically disadvantaged areas. Many of the people traveling to a trail and spending a night or more in the area have significant discretionary income.

Purchasing items along the trail, dining, and shopping in the area are leaving a positive economic impact on the community without having to invest in more infrastructure.

Looking for Inspiration?


Check-ins, activities, and events are all ways to utilize your safer passport.

The usefulness of passports it’s only limited by your imagination.

Are you a non-profit organization?

Special consideration will be given to your project.